Soldier Customization - how do you do it?

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Ped posted this 11 September 2017

Spites post in another thread regarding nation coloured armour reminded me of this.

I noticed when I last played through XCOM2 that every time I've played any of the new XCOMS I've done exactly the same thing when it comes to soldier customization. For armour colour I always set it based on class type - Assault: Red/Light Brown, Support: White/Orange, Grenadier Blue/Yellow, Sniper Green/Brown, Psi Purple/Grey.

This way, I can instantly tell at a glance what class any of my soldiers are, speeds up unit selection and reduces mistakes, but very utilitarian. 

What's your customization preferences/motivations


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UnstableVoltage posted this 11 September 2017

I agree with you there Ped. I tend to colour by class type (or abilities) so I can spot at a glance which soldier can perform which action.

A friend of mine and fellow YouTuber colours his by rank. I right pain in the hoop when you have to redo them after every promotion.


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Mazy posted this 11 September 2017

Being able to customise unit classes, and/or ranks, by colour is useful..


I like being able to tell soldiers apart visually by their armour category. In UFO Defence (using mods) I reshade soldiers according to their armour type (rather than unit class or rank), I generally keep the chosen colour universal to that armour type, e.g,


Tier 1: Light Armour 'Coveralls' (kevlar) - Grey/Black

Tier 2: Moderate 'Personal Armour' (alien alloy plates) - Blue/Silver

Tier 3: Heavy 'Power Suit' (heavy plated/elerium powered) - Orange or Green

Tier 4: 'Flying Suit' (anti-grav power suit) - Red


The customised soldiers in this stock image haven't been colour coded by armour type or class, but you get the idea -


There's still enough options to colour code the specific class types or ranks within their armour type to, but then it starts getting complicated so I tend to just stick to colour coding by armour type.


..Squad deployment and positioning will often be based on their level of protection so it's good to be able to visually read where the tanky guys are and where the vulnerable ones are.


I imagine the class types in PP will be very distinguishable visually (by look and by colour) just as they are in the new XCOMs, a degree of customisation would be good.


Incidentally, what classes are established/confirmed for PP so far? (I recall hearing that the unit classes in PP might be quite flexible).

Vathar posted this 19 September 2017

Ped said:

What's your customization preferences/motivations

Mostly cosmetic, so that my guys can look cool/badass. As long as I don't handle more than 8-10 soldiers on the tactical screen I don't need additional cues from customization options.

Solomani posted this 2 weeks ago

Cosmetic... I want 'em to look awesome.


But I definitely use the armor style to identify their class... Heavies look heavy, snipers look  snipey, stealthers look light and stealthy, blah blah

I lean towards role-play and being able to customize is one of my favorite parts of XCOM. If it wasn't there, I think I'd still enjoy the game, but not as much. I'm one of those wierdo types that actually fill out the epitaph in XCOM2. So I'm pretty happy to see that it will be part of this game.

TheZer0 posted this 2 weeks ago

Through out my Xcom and Xcom 2 playthroughs I have never customized soldier based on color code. I see the potential advantages of doing that to easily identify soldiers and what class they are. I have always customized my soldiers and squad with armor that matches their class, and I have a team color and camo. So like one time it was just SWAT black, I also did Desert Tan with a digital camo to mirror the Marines, as well as a forest green with the army's standard camo.

My grenadier in Xcom 2 always had the heavy like cosmetic armor options. So he would like more armored and substantially bigger that his other squad mates.

My Ranger had the lighter armor, open sleeves, hood, and a mask. He was the reconnaissance unit so I made him look like one.

I also try to keep every soldier looking different than the other soldier. So any ranger i pull out of my barracks wont look the same. I also did minor change based on the subclass they had most skills in. So a swordsman ranger looks different than a scout ranger. So I hope Phoenix Point brings alot of small customization options so all my soldiers can look different than their piers of the same class and or subclass.