Scavenging/Spy/Research outposts (were you send troops in the field)

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Anjovi posted this 26 January 2018

So I skimmed through the AMA with Julian and had a bit of a nostalgia burst with the mention of them having considered jagged alliance 2 as a source of inspiration. Now the real time movement/exploration mechanic might not entirely fit the game or game budget...BUT! How about a compromise?

The idea of sending out troops on nice, thematic operations is one that I think could be really explored in this game and designed a nice distinguisher from the other xcom games out there. I know XCOM 2 had a sort of mission, were soldiers could be sent out on non-combat missions...but here's were it could be different in pheonix point.

Idea: Have an option to create small, make shift outposts in which you can send personnel out to scavenge/gather intel/find research materials/artifacts/main objectivesetc. The interface could have 2 phases.

1) You occasionally find a suitable location on the strategic layer to place one of these outposts and receive a message indicating this.

2) You click the 'yeah, cool, let's check this out!' button

3) You see the details of what resource you can mine and decide whether to plunk resources/personelle into it.

4) New base, that generates persistent resources or just sets a timer for some major finding that could indicate some cool mission/quest/TV episode that your soldiers went on.

5) If interupted by invaders, you could initiate some sort of special combat mission scenario (evac/base assault/alien swarm/infection/etc.)

Facilitating that sort of RPG flavor from the likes of fallout 1/2 and jagged alliance 2 could go a long ways in distinguishing this from the crowd. Especially considering you've got Allen Stroud on board! (Still waiting for the 2nd chaos book btw! lol)


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CaptnBlaster529 posted this 27 January 2018

I like the idea. I have posted before how the strategy layer improved can add some real flavor to the game and though the tactical battles are interesting, the geoscape strategy can be as well, in the sense that it gives you reasons for more tactical missions but also has that overall feel that you are managing an organization.

Another possibility is missions that find neutral havens, initiate propaganda to boost faction status and trigger rescue, assault, recon and other types of missions. 

I'm not sure about the "mining for resources" but perhaps they simply open up more mission types and interesting points of interest. 


SpiteAndMalice posted this 27 January 2018

If it leads to actual missions then yes, this could be a cool idea - If it's just mining for resources in the style of, I don't know, Mass Effect 2, then no, personally I think it'd be a grind.

With this type of game it's the tactical battles that are interesting, not the geoscape.- And I'm going to beat you too it; no bleedin' totem battles either :-p ! 

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