Based on this Reddit thread, because I think it's important:

Request by RKade8583:

I'm legally blind. I'm sick of having to find mods to fix UI issues. I hope I'm getting this in early enough.

 - Scaleable UI OR 1a. Bold/large font options

This is for people like me with crappy eyes so we can see what we're doing. High contrast and colorblind options are always helpful too.

 - Control options

Mouse controls, rebindable keyboard controls, etc. A lot of people play games differently when their parts don't work. A friend of mine with ALS uses mouse-only because, well, that's all he can do. Keep a thought in mind for those poor crippled bastards.

 - Subtitles

'nuff said. Deaf people want to "hear" your game too. I don't know many deaf people so I don't know how best to help them aside from subs.

Please don't forget us disabled people. Our money is green and our brains work as well as anyone else's... even if our bodies kind of don't.

(Thank you UnstableVoltage for answering this already on Reddit)


As for myself, I wear glasses since being a kid and while watching TV or computer screen I prefer mild colors, medium brightness and easily readable text. Don't worry, I'm visiting the doctor and my eyesight is not getting worse through the years.  Unfortunately some of the modern game designs are in my opinion forcing such cool-looking but anti-accessible things like semi-transparent glowing UI elements, small unreadable icons, tiny text elements squashed into side panes, all mixed into huge eye strain.

To illustrate my point of view, a few examples of old style, low-resolution, CRT-display games compared to modern, high-res, LCD-ready games.


Oblivion vs Skyrim, the same game, the same studio, the same inventory, just the new "cool" menu with ultra-narrow font compressed into some vertical panes ruins the fun. I don't understand the need for this layout, but there are community mods that change UI elements into classic table view so it's not only my personal bias.

Even more extreme example - a soldier list that in Valkyria Chronicles is still visible when looking across the room but in Xenonauts that is using microfont almost unreadable when moving just one small step from the screen. Please don't go this way

And yes, I know that in ye olde times, low resolution and average displays required using larger fonts and icons that will not look pixelated. Today the designers can put small icons, small text and usually it will look good for most users on most displays, but when scaled down a bit - old design still looks good and new design becomes difficult to read. Which is the main issue here.

I would really appreciate just an menu option to switch icons, menu elements, text size etc. from default 100% into something like 150-200%? I know it's extra work and it's not trivial (although not as complicated as "responsive web design", huh) but in the same way as folder icons can be viewed as "small" or "large", I guess the UI elements could be adapted, resized, repositioned, hopefully without rewriting half of the game engine.

Thank you for the consideration.