Will soldiers have a diversity of stats like in X-COM:UFO DEFENSE or will it be simplified like XCOM:EU/2?

How good will it feel when we run over aliens with a tank?

JG has mentioned playing Valkyria Chronicles. Are there plans for individual soldiers' perks, that depending on environment, enemy type, nearby squad members etc. would provide some buffs or debuffs?

Can we expect to see equipment (or skills) that do not use willpower, but instead consume 'invisible action points' - i.e. make the movement range smaller, but do not necessarily consume the shooting action? E.g. you use your handheld scanner, which takes 2 squares from your movement allowance, then you move, and then shoot?

Will there be armor systems to help to avoid damage? And if so will there also be an energy shield system to help protect you from oncoming fire?

Will we be able to make our own mutants beyond just humanoid creatures. Like could we mutate a dog or something to get it to attack the other aliens?