Questions for the Devs

  • Last Post 01 August 2017
woah77 posted this 01 August 2017

Some new questions for the Devs from my survey

Will the game support the Vulkan API?

How up-to-date with Unity do the developers plan to be?

Wouldn't it be worth to add the various top-tier rewards as standalone options, rather than game editions, since no one has acquired them?

How sophisticated will the audio department be? What can we expect from music and SFXs?

Did the devs consider a we-go system, like Frozen Synapse, as opposed to hard turn based?


Hopefully Julian or one of the other Devs can get to these and answer them at some point.

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Dark_Ansem posted this 01 August 2017

I would really be interested in the last one, ala Frozen Synapse!