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anarasanen posted this 3 weeks ago

I'm curious about the base management gameplay. I couldn't find any videos about it on Youtube, so I have to ask, because I'm a little concerned.

I didn't like the base management stuff in XCOM 2. Contacting other regions and other resistance groups ruined the experience for me. I also didn't understand the Avatar-project mechanic. I hate that you have to be some kind of clairvoyant about the future happenings in the game like which things you have to build in your base and in which order especially when mistakes have long-term consequences. In XCOM these things were still somehow manageable, but in XCOM 2 it was just too much. Researching new stuff was pretty straightforward thing, but base building with money and time management was not.

So, I would like to know how is the base management gameplay going to be in this game and how much time it is going to take of the overall playing time. I personally would like the game to be about the combat and not about the base management. My ideal would be something like 90 % combat and 10 % base management.

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CaptnBlaster529 posted this 3 weeks ago

I'm hoping for closer to 70% / 30%.  I would like more focus on building, planning, upgrading in the base from manufacturing items to upgrading facilities for other bonuses etc. To me (this is personal preference of course) I enjoy the gameplay that makes it feels like I'm running an organization and my combat missions server more than just to win at combat, but to win in order to make an impact back at the base/s in regards to upgrades, research and other things that contribute to increasing my abilities in combat.

I'm hoping for something closer to the first X-Coms in that aspect. 


Isaggelos posted this 3 weeks ago

take the time to listen to all of the video.

anarasanen posted this 3 weeks ago

Seems like there is going to be a lot of base management then.

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