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JantDarvus posted this 24 September 2017

Unsure where to ask this, but I guess this should be right.

Can I just confirm that the preorder options and prices which are being discounted are the same as the backer options and prices? I was just a little surprised and I'll admit to mild regret, if so, that I backed the game rather than waiting for this discount. 

That said, still looking forward to it, either way. 

UnstableVoltage posted this 24 September 2017

You are correct, the preorder options are the same as the original backer tiers (although they don't contain the early bird tiers, Fig backstage pass tiers or the Fig super-backer discounts).

We do appreciate that you chose to back Phoenix Point, along with everyone else who did, and are sorry that you might feel any regret.

Ideally, we'd prefer everyone to be happy, but unfortunately, that is an outcome that is just not always possible.

As with any crowdfunding project, the idea is to raise money to produce something, and the backer tiers and rewards are designed to achieve that goal. Had everyone decided to wait to see if things might be cheaper further down the line, then the game would not have been funded at all. We thank you deeply for this, as yourself and others have made the game possible.

Rest assured, this is not a permanent reduction, just a very special promotion for EGX. It has honestly been worth it. We have raised as many funds through pre-orders in the last 48 hours as we have in the last 7 weeks previously. All proceeds from pre-orders are going directly into the studio and development of Phoenix Point. The extra revenue that this promotion is generating is going to mean that you ultimately get a bigger and better game.


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