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SangerZonvolt posted this 5 weeks ago


I just preordered your game through the link provided in the latest mail (the EGX stream one). I choose the second tier (the soldier one). I noticed the shop looked different than you usual shop on the site, but I assumed it will still be alright since I just clicked a link in one of your mails with https as protocol. After completing the preorder I just got and buyment confirmation from a service called Xsolla. I thought you guys were using something called crowdOx or something like that?

Also is it normal that that confirmation (along with the chaos reborn key one) is the only one coming in? Is there no sperate confirmation from Snapshot Games or any information on how we will receive the keys once Eearly access starts?

And while we´re at it: How will we be telling you which name to use for the soldier generation?

Just want to make sure everything worked, as I never used that service before.

UnstableVoltage posted this 5 weeks ago

Hi there.

Everything worked as planned. We have switched from CrowdOx to Xsolla as our service provider as with CrowdOx we weren't able to do any promotions. The downside is the store isn't complete yet, as it was still being worked on when the promotion went live. It will be completed over the coming weeks, but we will have your details.


Information about names in credits and soldier names will be collected from backers later. Xsolla provide the store services for quite a few games, including Player Unknown's Battlegrounds.


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