I was observing the development of game since quite some time and since the first time I've heard about features such as different factions one may interact with and evolving enemy cretures I was mulling three questions, hoping someone would ask and answer them. No one in the official Q&A I've checked did so I've decided to do the asking myself. At the same time, they may be very much be taken not as much as questions as suggestions of features and so, risking it's easier to overlook them - I think it's more fair to pose them as such.

1. We will interact with those varied factions, deal with their various ideologies and approaches, through various means possibly acquire their technologies and even hybridize them for our own goals. Is there any chance for a possibility then to be able to also establish certain own aesthetics and fluff/ideology (in addition to the fundamentals) of player's organisation to personalize it a bit?

I suspect the former will be partially taken care of through technological developments - but will those be divergent enough to allow player to create a kind of place much different late-game than how some other player's bases would be like? Frankly, I wouldn't even need whole new slew of assets, just slightly different default color schemes on equipment depending on choice, having more fresh recruits sport particular style of clothes and accessories by default, or slight modification to lights and texture of one's base objects - would be enough.

Same with "attitude" - it wouldn't take too much to have a few alternative fluff lines here and there, maybe some flag or other such tiny thing based on one's choices (or rather, their explanations) made during the game - but it'd help personalize the experience no less than customization of troopers (in fact, it could do so even more for people like me). Even a tidbits during faction interaction where one's group would be seen as some ragtag of commando monster hunters, disciplined new world order military, scientists devoted to both saving the world and understanding it more at the same time and everything in-between - would be nice.

2. A thing that bothered me in many of the X-Com games (especially the remakes) was very linear weapon progression. Bullets-Laser-Plasma thing. I know there are to be many unique technologies and thus equipment stemming from various factions/research but can I get a confirmation that we'll have several divergent types of mid- and late-game weapon technologies that may be still comparable in performance? Some more variety and choice than "this is a rifle that shoots green lights - which is exactly like the one you had previously which shot red lights - but this one's better at everything". Even just having some alternative choices that'll grant us similar stuff with slightly different aesthetics so I don't have to go singlemindedly for green-light-shooters if I don't want to intentionally cripple my troops' battle prowess would be great.

3. Monsters will evolve. In many ways. But so far most of the sneak-peeks presented to us shows up enemies evolving through exchanging different body parts. Looking more like a Frankenstein's mish-mash creatures than anything else. Thus, I ask (suggest) - will there be any 'intermediary' forms?

For example, if there will be a huge ass crab creature with big claw used as a shield, would it be possible for similar creatures later on to slowly have that claw differ in size together with its stats? Even just mashing of a few models of a potential bodyparts, changing their size or tinting slightly a texture with a different hue would do fine to make it seem so much more like a gradual change over number of missions. I just worry that the whole evolution would be "it's what you've seen previously, but we switched some bodyparts around/the claw with tentacle", which would be a shame.

There. That's what I was wondering about, though I guess since I am already making this post, I'll offer one last thought - thank you for claiming that you'll strive to make the game as optimized even for less-than-stellar hardware as possible. I am sure I am not the only one who'll want to play the game but due to occupation or other factors won't always have access to proper, modern gaming rig even during free time. Remember that many players will appreciate trememdously being able to play the game looking even like something from late 90s as long as it will be solid gameplay/mechanics-wise and as long as it will be a matter of choice, not something forced. Generally, the more graphics settings you can fiddle with, versions of directx to fall back on, the more particle effects/lights/shadows etc simplify/disable (without making ti a nightmare to support) and so on - the better. Please keep that in mind.

Thanks for reading this wall of text.