plz no chosen in Phoenix Point.

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spark disiple posted this 4 weeks ago

on the most recent racon raider video he says that Golop is toying with the idea of having big mutants  being able to reappear on other missions  with the chance of getting different mutations like the chosen in Xcom 2 WFC. the big mutants would have nests in certain areas and would appear in missions that are in proximity. I know that it might not be in game but i think its still worth starting a discussion on it. the link to the video:


if snapshot does this right i will like it. but i don't want a copy of the chosen mechanic. where the chosen survive no matter what and will continue to grow stronger until you assault their stronghold. i don"t want that for Phoenix point where we will have to assault the alien nest to finally be rid of the massive monster. if we can just kill them on missions when they show up with the option to assault nest instead of needing to assault the nest i would be fine with that part.

another thing that this idea brings is that their would be a set amount of massive monsters.(i know it might not be but as i'm saying it sounds alot like the chosen from xcom 2 who only have 3.)i don't want a set amount of giant monsters that i have to kill and then their gone for good. i liked the idea their their are countless giant monsters that you might run into and they all don't have a back story to them. oh look i've lost 7 soldiers fighting that one. oh i've never meet that one. rocket to the face!! he's dead.


i know i don't know everything about this idea but this is what i know and think.




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Psycholord posted this 2 weeks ago

The problem with WOTC is that the Chosen are pivotal to the story and there are few of them.


I believe RetcomRaider mantioned Shadow of War's nemesis system as comparisson, and in that case, it would suit perfeclty. The "mega mutants" should have no connection to the plot itself, but to the player, and it would be cool if you could potentially have numerous nemesis, difficulting even more your missions, the more you let them espace.


Maybe you can implement a morale system (or, since they act live a hive mind, you could call "tactic disavantage system") for the enemies where they will try to flee from the battle if they are losing (not by fear, you could say the hive mind is trying to preserve the hosts since the battle is obvious in the player's favor, and not just use them as cannon fodder). And when that system triggers, the player must make precise and quick decisions to eliminate the ones trying to get away. You could even put a timer where the player must eliminate them or the ones left alive will flee after the time runs out. And when i say "timer", i mean it! No turns, no, actual minutes, so the player MUST think and act quickly.


If the enemies survive they become even stronger. From a lore standpoint, you could say the more stronger the host is, the more he develop something closer to a conscience. And when they show up again, maybe you could do a quick camera highlight, where you would show his name(maybe? if he is intelligent enough already), his new mutation (adepted by the tactics you used on the scenario where he espaced) and also something like "survivor of the battle XXXXXXX", so the player feels like even in victory you could potentially f*** up a further mission. 



That would add a entire new layer of depth and difficulty for the game. These are just random toughts i had, i hope someone likes it and i would like to hear what the team behind the game thinks of it.

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Grimlock posted this 2 weeks ago

Frustration for fighting a very dangerous creature/enemies is expected, but the problem I suppose, is that if we were able to kill this creature or is going to die and the game says “Nop, you are not suppose to do this yet” for any arbitrary reason and then it reappears in another mission, then I completely agree that it’s an issue.

If the creature escapes because it runs out of the combat zone or we retreat our troops because we are done, then I think is okay that we could find it again, maybe more stronger or with mutations based on its previous encounters with our soldiers.

But if I manage to kill that creature it should remain dead.

Maybe new ones could appear while the nest is active, but they shouldn’t be the “same” with a different name.

If we kill the “Big Mega monster” and few mission later the “Really Big Mega monster” that it’s actually the same creature with different name appears, it will be a bit “meh”

Maybe the creatures that spawn from the nest could have some attributes in common since they are from the same place, but not the exact same creature.

Also the re-spawn rate should be something in to look into. If we get flooded with this kind of enemies... it could be annoying!

Dark_Ansem posted this 2 weeks ago

Well, a bit of frustration with these enemies is supposed ot be expected. After all, they have BS main character OP powers,

raziel_malakai1981 posted this 3 weeks ago

i third this, the idea of the supposed "mega mutant" having an option to flee battle in order to evolve into a more difficult foe is intriguing can be fun, as long as you have an actual chance of stopping it and not "1 turn and it poofs out". In XCOM 2 it really felt like the game was forcing you to go through multiple-encounter fights for both the chosen and the alien hunters which while I can understand why they did it with the Chosen, it also seemed completely pointless with the alien hunters. So while there is room to consider something similar, I did find the "multi-mission-battle-the-same-super-enemy" concept mostly tedious.

XiRiith posted this 4 weeks ago

Yep, I agree: in XCom 2, I killed the first chosen the first time my team met him/her/it... but Firaxis said "no, you can't". It's stupid and really frustrating.

But the idea of having big mutants that can flee and come back with a new mutation is nice. And it's a scary idea which fits well to the Lovecraft's theme. I don't want to face this monster again so I don't want it to escape. Or better: i had to flee away from this beast, now i'm a little stronger, I want to take it down into his own lair before it shows up again and kill my men whenever it wants, and I really don't want to let it a chance to become even stronger.