Please do Portuguese translation. Volunteers can help!

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northwind posted this 12 August 2017

Hello Snapshot team,

As a speaker of brazilian-portuguese, i want to help translate the Phoenix Point game into portuguese as a volunteer. 

Snapsthot's made a good translation in european-portuguese (with help of volunteers) in the game Chaos Reborn, translation released in the last update.

Given the large number of fans of the series x-com here in Brazil. I believe this is an opportunity for this translation, since this translation is not available in the game initially.

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UnstableVoltage posted this 12 August 2017

Hi Northwind,

We will be considering a number of different localisations for and post release. We're a long way from doing that yet, as the in-game text hasn't even been written yet. People willing to volunteer to work on localization for Phoenix Point should email to be added t o the list for future consideration.


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northwind posted this 14 August 2017

Hello UnstableVoltage,

Thanks for your reply, i'll send the email.


latemrdouglas posted this 11 hours ago

Hi UnstableVoltage and everyone!

I would like to help too.

To be honest, I've already translated "Hanamaru Sushi", "The Hatch" and "Hafgufu" to brazilian portuguese...