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Butcher posted this 17 February 2018

Phoenix Point discussion is set for 18 Feb at 1700 GMT time (that's 1200 Eastern in the US) on the PC Gamer Twitch channel.



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1700. Phoenix Point Tactical Battle Preview

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CaptnBlaster529 posted this 17 February 2018

I'm assuming since the demo is purely tactical there will be no hints of what the base view/management will be like. Is there any plan to show off any part of the base/team selection screens in the demo? I'm really curious to see how you envision this as it was hinted some similarity to how outfitting your soldiers was done in apocalypse.



Butcher posted this 18 February 2018

Just watched it.  Was way too short!  Only about 15 minutes of gameplay... but it was a great 15 minutes.  

Notes -

1.  Nobody had to reload.  Are there no clips or was it just the weapons used for this demo?  Will there be different types of ammo for different types of aliens?  i.e.  electromagnetic ammo for robots, cryo ammo to freeze, phosphorus ammo to burn, etc.

2.  Loved how hovering mouse over possible move location generated possible firing trajectories... thin white lines aiming out to alien locations.

3.  Swap option for weapons, grenades, first aid kit was cool.  Will troops be able to carry different types of grenades... smoke, small destruction, large destruction, and/or mines?

4.  Nice touch with changing of view to almost a first person style when aiming and firing.


kompan posted this 18 February 2018

I have watched the stream and the demo looks awesome. Some of the details are easier to notice after watching it second or third time. My impressions:

  • the explosion range preview (orange sphere) is so pretty,
  • while moving the soldier, the environment in the place of destination is highlighted with blue or yellow color, depending on the action,
  • when aiming for the body parts and then shooting there is a realistic "out of focus" effect,
  • moving, taking action and moving again makes the gameplay so much more enjoyable,
  • the same goes for the variable movement range, depending on selected item - when I need to select medikit, I want to run really far away, haha,
  • the tiny icons under the character portrait are helpfully hinting the currently available actions (move, move, shoot),
  • although the heavy background noise from the event was in the way, the music and some SFX on alien turn sounded creepy enough,
  • jetpacks! bullet trajectory! collapsible buildings!



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Zizin posted this 18 February 2018

Cool video and so long awaited, thanks so much.

A couple of things: Animations and camera movements seemed to me too fast. Maybe I've got used to endless slow-mo in new Xcoms, but I like it, you "feel through" every action, every shot. I also noticed that all debris disappears. Hope there will be an option (in game settings) to leave it be.

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latemrdouglas posted this 18 February 2018

Hello guys!

I really liked the demo! Nice graphics, nice gameplay, bad player!

You can jump directly to Phoenix Point demo using this link:

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Butcher posted this 18 February 2018

I was looking for that to post... nice!

Grimlock posted this 19 February 2018

I only has been able to see few minutes for now but I think it was nice.

There are some things that I would like to comment:

  • Just like Zizin said the animations for shooting are a bit fast, I think there was a moment where it was so fast that it was finishing when the camera pointed the action.
  • The sound for the human weapons was too "pew pew" for my taste, but I think that's something that will not be a problem once you research new technology.
  • The jetpack is cool, but the animation when the soldier uses it it's a bit "static" (not sure if it's the best word to describe it)
  • I loved the destruction of the tower, but I had the impression that the environmental destruction doesn't have enough "feedback".
    I mean when the queen passed through some obstacles they completely broke the moment she touches them, this doesn't gives the impression that they are solid enough.
    Also the debris disappears too fast and completely I think.

I still have to see the rest of the video but I think in general it was a nice demo to show the game.

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UnstableVoltage posted this 19 February 2018

As a general answer to all of the above feedback - it's a development build. There's still a year of development time left, and nothing in the demo should be considered to be final.


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