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SpiteAndMalice posted this 3 weeks ago

As a few people are asking about Phoenix Point development and updates I thought it might be a good idea to create a thread where any news relating to Phoenix Point could be collected together. 

A few to get us started:

Altchar - Demo, developer notes and Spider Queen fight footage

PC Gamer discusses whether Phoenix Point's deep combat and massive crab monsters make it a worthy XCOM alternative

PCgamesN tells us how to save the world in Phoenix Point

PC Gamer again, this time linking to a video where Julian demonstrates the perils of fighting crabmen


Feel free to post any others that you see - Hopefully some 10 star reviews down the line too :-) 

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Grimlock posted this 3 weeks ago

I will not call it "press" but the 40 minutes video for the Pre-Alpha demo that UnstableVoltage has in his youtube channel it also interesting.


Also the summarys that Retcon Raider does are a good way to have a quick recap about the montly updates, they includes quotes from people from snapshot games.

He has a playlist dedicated to Phoenix Point, chek it in his channel, like he says link is always under description:

Edit: For some reason I can't add the link for the video, it gets embedded automatically, sorry for that.

I just noticed that it's the same video that appears in the altchar link...

MattyRasker posted this 2 weeks ago

Handy list of all the articles published (at least, the ones Neowave and I have come across)

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