Multiple Playthroughs

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SpiteAndMalice posted this 24 July 2017

1. So I'm just thinking that something cool that you could do with Pheonix Point is to give an option whereby the AI learns a player's play style over multiple playthroughs of the game.

You've already got an adaptive AI which is going to be mutating aliens based on how well the player performs within a single playthrough, so why not have the possibility that that AI can also adapt its approach from one game to the next?

This could be especially nice as a way to give players an enduring challenge once they have beaten the game at a given difficulty level and I think it would increase replayability. 


2. How about also introducing some forms of Easter Eggs into the game, that would only be accessible when a player is playing through on a 2nd occasion? Maybe you seem some enduring effects of previous actions, the odd gravestone of a lost soldier, or the wreck of a fighter plane that was brought down. Maybe it could be story based, and characters would at some point discuss a hero from the past, or the concept of an alternate timeline. I'm just throwing out suggestions with there, but the idea of seeing something new when you play through the game for a 2nd time would be a strong concept imho, and you're already providing for that in how the AI is being designed to act, some Easter Eggs could further it. 

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woah77 posted this 24 July 2017

Sounds like a cool idea to me. Although, I'd personally rather see random first evolutions from the enemy. Have them start with a slightly different bent each time you play.

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SpiteAndMalice posted this 24 July 2017

Yes, that would also work - It could be a nice part of the game, trying to work out and counter however the AI is setting itself up. :-)

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Spolokh posted this 02 November 2017

^There is an additional way to increase game replayabilty already mentioned in other tread - make game "laws" more random. In such approach once game could be based on sniper, and other on hand to claw combat