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SpiteAndMalice posted this 4 weeks ago

Can anything be done to improve the way that this forum works in respect to the following.

a) When searching for a key word you only see 2 results per page of search results. This makes the search function nigh on useless. Could all results be presented on 1 page, or at the very least give 10 results per page?

b) The text box that you type in when making a post is extremely small. Could this be lengthened? 

c) When copying text from websites onto the text box a tag of >>Span seems to be added to that text, which then makes the text very difficult to see after posting. Is there a way to remove this tag, or to prevent it from being added?


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Borsukrates posted this 3 weeks ago

ad. c) Check out the Source button in the editor. But I can see having to do this every time being annoying.

The forum feels clunky and heavy to me, like using Microsoft Word to edit code.