Make players orientate soldier's aim/firing arc when overwatching

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Anjovi posted this 5 weeks ago

Overwatch is cool and all, but I feel that a system where you have to have your soldiers aim which direction their overwatch will be focused on might be more interesting than just accounting for the 1st alien to run across your los perimeter. 

This could further increase the situational utility of overwatch, but of course the balancer being that you have plan the firing arc. 

That said, Could it be possibly cool to limit the squad's LOS to their front peripheral view? Might make the game more intense/scary when you have to at least account for the peripheral (leaving potential blind spots were the spooky bad guys can sneak up on you) Could be a cool game modifier (2nd wave option equivalent?)

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Spolokh posted this 4 weeks ago

Will there be some kind of suppression fire? Would be nice to have it in some different forms:

- enemy unit oriented and 

- some area oriented

- direction oriented, as it was proposed by the topic starter

- line of sight oriented

- all-direction

There could be a difference in hit chance or reaction ( to trigger) chance.


Mazy posted this 4 weeks ago

I agree that limiting overwatch to the direction a unit is facing (the units cone of vision) is a lot more interesting (and balanced) tactically, rather than having units with 360 degree vision and lightning reaction speed. (A particular tier/type of mutant with 360 degree vision would be an interesting special though).

Any kind of reactive action (after the unit has spent AP's and ended turn) is only feasible if we assume the unit is already pre-aiming, if the unit has to turn/move as well as aim/fire it's a little harder to class it as genuine reaction/opportunity fire.


..and I guess the 'return fire' feature is a little like suppression fire, I'm not sure exactly how it works yet though. I'm waiting for future demo's (and early access) before fully assessing how well the mechanic works.

My first concern is they get the fundamentals right first, I really like what I saw of the UI and camera.. once they flesh out things like targeting/reaction fire, LoS/FoV, realistic weapon/throwable accuracy etc they can then apply some really interesting mechanics upon those basics.

Homer Morisson posted this 2 weeks ago

I agree that there should be an option to tell the individual soldier which area/quadrant/sector they should cover with their Overwatch; the new Battletech does this exactly the way I would like to see it for Phoenix Point as well:

You move your unit to the desired location, then you click the Overwatch skill button, which glues the mouse to the unit itself and allows you to adjust a field of vision cone's orientation the way you want it, i.e. tell the unit which way to look while in Overwatch mode; here's a video that demonstrates what I mean:
You can also see it during movement, which also allows you to pick where the unit will look at after finishing the movement: