Laser Squad Nemesis

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SpiteAndMalice posted this 15 September 2017

I was talking with Worto recently about Laser Squad Nemesis and wondered whether there were other people about who had played it? (He did, I didn't). More to the point, we also wondered whether anyone was still playing/would like to, or better yet; had the means to get it back up and running on a server?

EDIT - There's a download of LSN available

Manual here

Write up here

And a trailer here 


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DogToffee posted this 26 September 2017


Count me in, I spent many hours (or days) playing LSN. I still have a copy on my machine at the moment, and would love a working server for 2 player games. 

LSN player name was Jonlan's Chicken



SangerZonvolt posted this 29 September 2017

Played it years ago. Was fun, but in my experience devolved into both players chucking explosives at each other fairly quickly if you had access to them. Really liked the single player missions.

r4d4 posted this 2 days ago

It looks like there might be a way to run it here

Is anyone interested in getting a community going?
I might be prepared to setup a website so we can communicate, discuss and impove the experieince.
Maybe even get some kind of ranking system going etc.