I was wondering if we could get a sort of attack dog like maybe not just a straight up dog but if we could get that then i guess that is good enough but you know how The Disciples of Anu can like control The Pandoravirus to some extent well i would love to get my own Pandoravirus creature i could use and mutate and would be akin to a an attack dog but you can evolve it.....Now i understand Hero units are probably an idea you guys do not like but i just had a thought while typing this but you know every faction should have one The Disciples could have the Creature that i just mentioned cause well it could start as big as person but could be mutated into something much more dangerous than just an attack dog. Maybe New Jericho could have a Mech of some sorts that you could upgrade. The other one was it Synderion? Well i have no clue....But whatever its your game and i have no say so do whatever i still support whatever decision you guys do. Have a nice day mates!