This weekend it's EGX (formerly the Eurogamer Expo) in Birmingham, England. EGX is the biggest industry event in the UK. It runs from Thursday 21st to Sunday 24th.

Julian and I will both be there on Friday and Saturday, with Julian being involved in several interviews.

On Friday, Julian will be part of a live presentation and a live panel. At 2pm BST (6am PT / 9am EST / 4 EEST) Julian will be presenting "From Laser Squad to Phoenix Point: The Evolution of a Game Genre". Later in the day at 5pm BST (9am PT / noon EST / 7pm EEST) Julian, along with Jake Solomon (Firaxis Games) will be being interviewed by Eurogamer's Chris Bratt for "The Past, Present & Future of XCOM".

Both of these events will be streamed live on EGX's Twitch channel, with a VoD later uploaded to their YouTube channel.


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