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CaptnBlaster529 posted this 21 January 2018

Do you plan to bring back interrogation similar to the original x-com? I'm hoping to see some interesting ideas around this now that we know there are factions.

Interrogation against faction members (allies and enemies) would be very interesting. Perhaps to unlock faction specific technology, or information on supply depots, movements, breakthroughs or even to turn assets which may act as a sort boost or repair to faction standings.

Later as technology allows for interrogation of the aliens could be a way to fill in backstory, unlock points of interest, speed scientific discovery, etc.

Like original x-com, there could be some form of taking the subjects alive due to non-death injury leading them to be unconscious or weapons that stun or disable.

Would be really awesome to be able to continue interrogation through late to end game even using interrogation against the same type of units. Making it worth while to attempt live captures throughout the campaign.

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The Banana Collective posted this 21 January 2018

How do you even interrogate a crab man? do they even know English? or any form of speech? I feel like The Disciples Of Anu will have some weird tech you could learn from them that would make interrogating pandora virus creatures possible. considering their odd rituals of mutating themselves and still be in control of themselves i think they could "speak" their language. If they even have one. But you get what i mean.

CaptnBlaster529 posted this 21 January 2018

I agree that is a very interesting question and one that can really add some interesting game missions and stories. As PP technology improves we may unlock the ability to jack into to their conscience (be it a hive mind like the borg, or individual).

This would happen probably after building something like the alien containment center and perhaps even a systems upgrade of some sort.

PP obviously won't be able to do this early game but with technology perhaps gained, bought or stolen from the disciples or even derived from advanced AI using nano bots fed directly into the brains neurons and "read" from the activity like a network sniffer and decode its thoughts, feelings, visions etc.


Just so you know, tech like this is actually in development IRL now minus the nanobots.

Fighter_from_Orion posted this 21 January 2018

Well, the interrogations seem to be more useful against the other factions, either to get technological data or to get logistical informations about the related factions. The three factions don't seem to be really willing to cooperate as far as we know right now, so you will either have to them fight them all, or at least one of them.