How long will Pre-Alpha last? and what is in it?

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The Banana Collective posted this 4 weeks ago

Just asking like will it just be limited to tactical battle or what? And also when is it available?

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Spolokh posted this 4 weeks ago

I am also curious about that object. 

Comes Moesia posted this 3 weeks ago

We should get something less general than "skirmish mode". Anything would be good.

UnstableVoltage posted this 3 weeks ago

The initial release of the pre-alpha is likely to be just tactical missions, with procedurally generated maps, a limited selection of enemy types, classes, abilities and equipment. We will continue to inject new features into the pre-alpha as they are developed and tested.

We hope to have the pre-alpha ready to go by the end of March, or possibly early April, as we do want to make sure it is as stable as possible.


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RedFur posted this 3 weeks ago

Looking forward to testing the different options and maps!

The Banana Collective posted this 3 weeks ago

Thank you for the response.

Homer Morisson posted this 3 weeks ago

I prefer the Early Access version to spoil as little of the story side of the game as possible, so that I could both test the game extensively, provide feedback and maybe report the odd bug, but still have a fresh and unspoiled experience once the final game eventually releases, not knowing half the campaign already.

So just having, eventually, one or two of the generic mission types available, and also not any and all enemies, player classes, tech, etc, would be just fine for me, I'd prefer to have the majority of content left to explore in the final version.

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