How graphic will the game be?

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spark disiple posted this 3 weeks ago

Not sure if this topic has been touched on but how graphic will the game be in language, gore, and n*dity. I'm fine with gore, but language and N* are a big thing I don't like as much. In the stories their a few F*** words so I'm wondering if that is in game and if it is is it something a soldier might vocalize when he misses a shot or only in cutscenes 

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kompan posted this 3 weeks ago

This is interesting topic.

Considering the gritty apocalyptic setting of the game, I suppose some curse words in critical situation here and there would add to the realism. The modern XCOM had a voice samples (in my opinion) a bit too much like "gosh dang it" - we are speaking of the frontline soldiers, not university professors. But I'm not a big fan of #$%! flying everywhere either.

Technically, if there are settings to disable gore, the dirty language voice samples could be disabled separately. Or, having voicepacks "soldier1", "soldier2"... "soldier5" etc. - just put all the bad words into one pack, so you can have in your squad this one soldier that swears a lot But you can always change it in the soldier customization screen if you don't want this.

By the way, I'm wondering if the game developers that use digital distribution need to get some certification or approval that marks the intended age of viewers, like "PG16" or "18+" to sell the game? Is it required to leave out some strong dark horror elements in order to deliver the game to the wide audience? Some of the early monster concepts look quite disturbing  - how does this influence the creative process?

spark disiple posted this 3 weeks ago

i'm not against some swearing, but i am against a million and ten f*** every other word like in resistance homecoming. if f*** and NI*g** words can be avoid i would be fine.

CaptnBlaster529 posted this 3 weeks ago

I like the idea by Kompan to allow for customization, perhaps voice packs or even a slider. Everyone has different tolerances. Swearing and n* does not offend me near as much as death and violence so considering I"m already going for a game that includes the death and violence, the other is not of concern to me. For those that do have sensitivities, I say a slider with various levels would be good (i.e. less <----> more gore, swearing, adult). 


Vathar posted this 3 weeks ago

Actually, do we already know the age rating for the game? That could give us some clues.

I remember arguments arising on the Evolve forums because some characters had a foul mouth. the reply was more or less that this was a game about humans hunting oversized monsters hell bent of killing them in a gruesome way and eating them (not necessarily in that order) in an hostile environment, that some of the characters had been hired for their combat skill and not their table manners and the game was rated 18+ anyway.

That said, while profanity doesn't bother me in any way, it's best used sparingly so that it keeps its bite.

And by the way, what is the point of censoring the word "nudity" on a forum? It is a neutral and descriptive word.

RVallant posted this 3 weeks ago

I don't really mind.

Profanity doesn't bother me at all, and I would probably expect to hear it in particularly dire situations - I know I'd be effing and blinding if one of these mutations got into my face. At least, once I got over the initial shock and could find my voice again.


Gore, I hope they don't shy away from. I wouldn't be amused if the mutations just cuddled you to death.


Nudity I'm not fussed about. I'd rather not cater to the prudes. That said, I'm just wondering where exactly nudity would fit in, in this game world at least. Nudity for the sake of it doesn't really work for me. I wouldn't be bothered at all if some of the mutations involved top half nudity from either gender, especially if things get mashed together like the creatures from Dead Space ended up, you could get some pretty nasty body horror from that.


That said, I suppose it depends on what audience the game is going for. But having looked at the art and themes I would have thought they'd be targeting the mature audience anyway, and not toning things down, but it isn't my call.

Butcher posted this 3 weeks ago

The issue could easily be addressed by adding a simple on/off option for each category.  On/off is easier since you only have to have voice actors say either "Heavens to betsy!" or "M****** F******".

Gore would be either the target's arm fading away when shot or exploding in a splatter of blood, shredded muscle, and bone fragments.

Not sure where Nudity would fall... maybe background shots of soldiers in the shower or locker room?

A slider scale would involve a lot more graphic creation and actor recording for various levels.

Zizin posted this 3 weeks ago

Calm down. Game rating will be PG-13 as in Firaxis Xcoms ))

spark disiple posted this 3 weeks ago

How do you know

SpiteAndMalice posted this 2 weeks ago

I always think it comes down to whether a particular thing is in context. I'd expect PP to have horror, violence (be it bloody, gory, or otherwise) and I wouldn't find it out of place for foul language to feature... and I'd even so far as to say that a lack of it within horror can jar more so that it's presence. 'The sheer rotten nerve of that crabman. Coming in here and snipping half me arm off. That's a curious way to greet a fellow. Where's me cardigan?' In context an F bomb is the expression I'd expect from a character who is a soldier and just experienced severe pain and maiming. Nud!ty, I just I just can't see a place for within the game other than if it's in relation to mutated opposition. 

Which is not to say that any of it, barring the horror, actually needs to be in the game. Blood and gore can easily be turned off, in context foul language can be done via slang or corruptions of language; ''Drokk it hurts!''

Imho I think the best reference for what should actually be in the game, and how it's handled should actually come from how Lovecraft approached these. If you're making a Lovecraftian horror, then you're going to be judged to a certain degree on whether your game's style is in keeping with the feel and voice of Lovecraft. 



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Chapter of One posted this 2 weeks ago

Swearing, to some extent at least would be expected from an ex-military p.o.v., some do and some don't... I think the option to adjust the regularity would be wonderful. Anything racially motivated would/should be completely off the table, if something like the events of PP aren't enough to make EVERYONE huddle in the dark together, then I'd toss em into the mist, when hell has frozen over anyone willing to stand beside you and hold the line  goes as deep, if not deeper than family blood-ties. Nudity, I don't really see as being poignant in any way, outside of maybe shock factor in the case of mutation or slaughtered colony situations.

CaptnBlaster529 posted this 2 weeks ago

So I like the idea as mentioned earlier (at least for the swearing) that suggests using a voice pack. It would be a very easy toggle. The voice pack contains several voices that include more harsh language and personality jibes. If you click the toggle you no longer see or have an option for those voice packs. 

The bonus is that you can have some personality differences in your soldiers to add some real variety, rather than just rely on tone of voice. I for one thing, if I saw a giant Medusa head on a crab jumping out of the water chasing me down from a shadowy mist I'd probably be whistling a tune of expletives that makes Richard Pryer seem like a boy scout


Zizin posted this 2 weeks ago

>>> How do you know

Common sense. People play such games not because they like gore or smth (there are other games for that - like DooM for example). And introducing such things would put a certain limit on overall sales. Just not effective from commercial point of view, this is why we don't see this in new xcoms (and they are financially successful).

spark disiple posted this 2 weeks ago

I'm fine if swear is in game, I don't care if it can be turned on or off I just don't want any f*** words and no Nig** if there is f*** I don't want it to be a constant shout and super common