How about this mechanic?

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Undzipolka posted this 18 July 2017

Hello everyone.

While I was playing some XCom 2 I thought of something. You know after the entire tactical battle thingy someone has to collect all thoose bodies and swag. How about make a mission in which Your team will have to protect the excavation team in some kind of vehicle or even the crew. The mission would have a rare chance to appear, so it wouldn't feel repetetive. Also the variation of time you have to spend on the mission would depend on how much loot you have to recover. We never got the chance to see this obvious thing that has to happen.

Loving the work of Phoenix Point. This game will rock

Dark_Ansem posted this 18 July 2017

I'm hoping for the Dev team to take inspiration from the new Firaxis expansion pack, War of the Chosen.

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