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OBAMAFLACKAFLAME posted this 3 weeks ago

i've been thinking alot of games that are turn based, squad management, etc like XCOM 2, XCOM, breach and clear, M.E.R.C all have something in common, they all feel like they aren't fighting a war on a global scale they all seem to just send the same squad of 5 over and over with 5 grunts to take over there place if soldiers get wounded but now that i heard the original creator of xcom wants to take that genre and have it make us the global map more i would like to suggest something like Long War 2 BUT not exactly like it i love idea about Long war 2 because it solved the only using 5 of the same people throughout the game by implementing multiple objectives that require multiple squads to complete all at once and it makes you feel really good that it finally made XCOM 2 fight a global war against the aliens, the things wrong with Long War 2 was the repetitive missions, Pod spamming and reinforcement spamming BUT i can imagine in phoenix point you can send squad: ALPHA to recover lost research in a abandon military facility and while they are there you get a incoming message from New Jericho requiring support to defend against the Disciples of Anu and you can send Squad: Bravo to assist and you also get news that a massive wave of aliens and heading straight to a Civilian Haven and you can send squad:Charlie to help evacuate the populace and i loved the idea of multiple events carrying out all at once instead of one at a time as it sounds super awesome as you get the feeling of a commander carrying out all these operations at once and the mechanics of phoenix point's transport vehicles, training, recruiting, decision making, open mod support, and customization for soldiers and squads. it'll easily be one of the best games ever made, i promise you

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UnstableVoltage posted this 3 weeks ago

Right from the start Phoenix Point has always planned to allow multiple squads, and with squad sizes of up to 16 soldiers. Pretty much everything you mention is already in there. As Julian is the creator of the original 1994 X-Com, a lot of the mechanics of Phoenix Point more closely resemble those of X-Com UFO Defense (UFO: Enemy Unknown) than the current Firaxis remakes.


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OBAMAFLACKAFLAME posted this 3 weeks ago

that is so awesome thank you im pretty hyped and i know im going to hype my friends into this too xD