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SpiteAndMalice posted this 24 July 2017

Given that we're a group of gamers who like TBS games I thought I'd ask everyone what their current favourites are, and why. 

For me it's:

1 - Chaos Reborn - Some of the tightest combat balancing that I've seen, easy to pick up and play, but as a game it takes some mastering. It's a shame that more people don't take the time see the full depth of the tactical battles. 

2 - Temple of Elemental Evil - Very faithful adaptation of D&D rules makes for some very cool combat, it's pretty complex and not for the faint of heart, and it also need mods adding (Thanks Blobka for showing me this, and showing me how to get it working), but once you get into it and the levelling up gets going you're in for some cracking battles. 

3 - Blackguards - I love the atmosphere of the world, and the characters within it, but it's the set piece battle setups that really make the game for me.  

4 - Shadowrun Dragonfall - First time in a long while that I completed a game, I normally lose interest part way through, but the story line here kept me wanting to see what would happen next. Nice levelling system too which means you have some meaningful decisions to make as you play. 

5 - Dwarf Run - In someways it's a bit shit to be honest, lots of unity store assets, and some of the story line is plain weird, but it's also a really charming indie title, and given that it was created by 1 man it's a surprising enjoyable game to play through. 


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Anjovi posted this 25 July 2017

+ on shadow run dragonfall and chaos reborn, found blackguards on sale for 5$ and decided to nab it.

Otherwise, there was this older 2001-ish game called Evil Islands. The voice acting can be especially funky at times, and you can easily get overwhelmed by difficulty spikes if your not careful, but something that would be fun. That dwarf game reminded me of it.

Has a body part targeting system like fallouts as well as a pretty cool spell/item crafting system. I'm almost tempted to fire it up again, though would probably have to torrent it at this point.

woah77 posted this 25 July 2017

Jeez. I like a lot. I've enjoyed all the turn based xcom games, both new and old. Civilization, Gal Civ, Heroes of might and magic, umm... wow. I can't even think of a conclusive list. I just love games, and Turn Based games make up a good percentage of them.

MattyRasker posted this 25 July 2017

I tried my best with Shadowrun. I completed Shadowrun Returns and tried getting through Dragonfall but there's only so much text I can handle.

I like Armello. Can be slow at times, but I still love it. Kings Bounty is pretty good. Invisible Inc is fun, even if I fail almost every time If we're going into collectable card games and similar, I also enjoyed Faeria.

Edit: and of course, yes XCOM, Civilization 5 too. Beyond Earth however was one big disappointment for me.

UnstableVoltage posted this 25 July 2017

MattyRasker said:

Beyond Earth however was one big disappointment for me.

It was for everyone. That's what happens when you let your "b team" have a crack at your most popular franchise. I'm only glad that it's classed more as a spin-off than part of the Civ series. That said, it does have some nice elements, and the expansion did improve it significantly. It just lacks any character.


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MattyRasker posted this 25 July 2017

I think I just had high hopes for it, as a massive Alpha Centauri fan. While I knew it wasn't a direct sequel, and more done "in the spirit of" Alpha Centauri, coupled with the awesomeness that was Civ 5, what could possibly go wrong?

With that said, it started off with promise, it looked great, I still think the soundtrack is one of the best I've heard, and I really thought I'd love the game. But the more I played, the more bored I got.

woah77 posted this 25 July 2017

I loved Alpha Centauri the best of ALL time. ALL TIME. No other 4x game can replace it in my heart.

Sapistas posted this 25 July 2017

Many, mostly strategy games.
I'd say the Civilizations, the old and new XCOMs, the Heroes of Might and Magic games (1-5 mostly). Disciples 2 was a very good turn-based game too.
From the newer turn-based rpgs, I'd say I enjoyed Divinity: Original Sin's turn-based combat most, although I enjoyed all Shadowruns and Wasteland 2 as games in general too, a lot.
The Banner Saga games also had very interesting combat mechanics and were great games.
Of course Battle Brothers and The Darkest Dungeon too.

CaptainGeneral posted this 25 July 2017

Colonization was my favourite 4X back in the day and the 2009 remake was thankfully better than Beyond Earth. Who would have thought selling guns to the Indians would be so profitable? Loved alpha Centauri as well, and I'm really happy Phoenix Point is drawing from Master of Orion and xcom Apoc. 

Chapter of One posted this 26 July 2017

For my early years it was all about SSIs' gold box... Realms, Krynn, Savage and the Buck Rogers duo that should've gone farther imo. Early adulthood was classic X-Com, TFTD,Apoc, Tactics Ogre and FFTactics. And things get blurry from there... Disgaea,the newer X-Coms, Shadowrun reboots, Spacehulk reboot... so... many... but through them all, classic X-Com was what I compared everything else against outside of maybe SSIs games. Phoenix Point, may very well be what brings me full circle and for that Snaphot, I am truly grateful.

Kharille posted this 28 July 2017

Colonization 94', OpenXcom, Panzer General, Allied General, Fantasy General...

Anjovi posted this 01 August 2017

Otherwise, 2 promising looking turnbased games are:

For the King: looks like a turnbased roguelike rpg, that can be played coop with local/online pals. 

Pit People: another rpg like game with a big campaign and lots of pvp stuff.

Dark_Ansem posted this 01 August 2017

Divinity Original Sin, Divinity Original Sin 2, Arcanum, XCOM (Firaxis), XCOM 2 (Firaxis)

Martouf posted this 06 August 2017

Classix xcom. Heroes of might and magic 3. Xcom apocalypse. Alpha centauri. Modern xcom. Chess

Jimmious posted this 25 August 2017

I registered not only to join the discussion but even more to write here that.... no one has mentioned Battle Brothers ???
One of the best turn-based games released in the last decade, easily. If you people haven't tried it you should do it asap! Phoenix Point could take some ideas from it actually.

Nsf posted this 25 August 2017

Age of wonders 3, Chaos reborn, Incubation-time is running out, Xcom and lots of others

(battle brothers are fine, but I had a problem with those stylised graphics (heads) and usualy I realy dont have these problems-like in Card Hunter)

woah77 posted this 25 August 2017

At the time of my post, I had yet to play Battle Brothers. I now play it regularly and enjoy it very much.

Grendel13G posted this 01 September 2017

Thanks for the great suggestions! Some of these are high on my list of games to play next (Chaos Reborn, Shadowrun: Dragonfall), but others are new to me.

Here are my favorites:

1. XCOM EW (Firaxis) with Long War mod. The XCOM series likely needs no introduction here. I really liked XCOM EW, but really, really liked the Long War mod, which is almost an entirely new game's worth of material, with much greater tactical depth. Oh, man, just talking about it makes me want to play it. I had never been a fan of mods before, but now XCOM Long War is my favorite game of all time. It's soooo good!

2. Civilization IV. The 4X classic, the Civilization franchise was my game of choice for decades before I found Firaxis XCOM. For my money, I think Civilization IV is the best of the series; the newer games (Civ V, Beyond Earth, and Civ VI) moved to a one-unit-per-tile design that I think detracts more from the game experience than it adds. But YMMV.

3. Divinity: Original Sin. A cooperative RPG with turn-based combat that I've never actually played single player, but is the best local (couch) co-op gaming experience my spouse and I have tried. If you want to play a cooperative game with someone else who also likes turn-based games, this is the one.

4. Massive Chalice. Basically XCOM with a medieval fantasy theme. A campaign spans something like 300 years of game time, so you have multiple generations of heroes that train, age, and die. Hero traits are inherited from parents and trainers, and I found that trying to weed out weak traits and nurture strong ones over generations is fun and super addictive.

5. Invisible Inc. Set in the not-too-distant future where corporations rule the world, most of the game is spent on tactical missions, sneaking about, subduing guards, stealing loot, and hacking with a varied suite of powers. A clever "rewind" system (based on difficulty level) gives the game most of the weight and tension of Ironman mode, but without the drawback of a single misclick ruining your entire campaign.

6. Heroes of Might and Magic 3. My brother and I have an undying love for the Heroes of Might and Magic series and its fantasy-themed turn-based exploration and combat. Every time a terrible new sequel is released (and there have been many), we wonder, why don't they just release an updated HOMM3? It's the best in the series, by far.

7. Valkyria Chronicles. A turn-based tactical game wrapped in a compelling story, set in a fictional world that resembles early-1900s Europe. The art design of the game is absolutely gorgeous, with a deliberate hand-drawn storybook theme to everything. It's a linear story with set missions, but I think it's absolutely worth a couple playthroughs.

Thanks again for sharing!

Dark_Ansem posted this 02 September 2017

Add: War of the Chosen. It's absolutely brilliant.

OMEREISS posted this 02 September 2017

(sorry for the god awful english)
Well, first of all, thanks for sharing everyone! it's really nice to know what's the community favorites.
Well, i feel like it will be hard for me to actually decide but here goes:

1. XCOM 2- It's kind of stupid since the game is really new and everything but still, this game means a lot to me, it's pretty much the game that got me into turn-based tactics, and all around the XCOM/Xcom series as well, which is one of my most favorite franchises by now, and the game itself is one of my favorites so yeah, I love it a lot. a lot of people complained about the timers but to be fair I really liked it, it made me think way more critically about my actions and in my opinion all and all it made the game way more intense, challenging and fun, the story was totally awesome too, which I just think is even more awesome

2. Chaos Reborn- Oh gosh this game is great, I wanted to play it for some time but never actually got to until the PP fig campaign went up, and when i got to play it i fell in love, it has amazing multiplayer (not like XCOM 2), and a challenging gameplay with some of the coolest game mechanics ever, the world is fantastic with amazing art and music, and just AH, I love this game

3. The banner saga- well, I'm just a huge sucker for art and music, cinematics, atmosphere and so on, so I played the banner saga and i absolutely loved it, besides all of the things i mentioned, the world is the best thing ever, it has very detailed history, background, conflicts and so on, and the gameplay is challenging as heck and tons of fun, however the injuries system kinda makes the whole thing easier, but the game is not any less fun

4. Invisible Inc.- this game is so good, it's mainly stealth which makes it super challenging, because you don't stand a chance with any of the guards, most of the time you don't have a gun, and when you do get one, well, it has only 3 bullets, so you need to use it only when needed, critically, this game is challenging and super fun, i love it so much (yeah, too) too bad it's so short but with custom games and different difficulties the adventure can go for some time

again everyone, thanks for sharing it all!

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MrTwister posted this 04 September 2017

I feel TBS is a bit broad as a genre.  In particular the whole 4X subgenre is basically a genre in and of itself.

Which gives me a good excuse to add some favourites in both genres.

4X : Civ 1, Alpha Centauri, Master of Orion, Birth of The Federation, Galciv 2

TBS : Chaos Reborn, classic X-com (mostly 1 & 2), all Shadowrun games, Invisible Inc., Frozen Synapse, Omerta - City of Gangsters

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