Favourite Lovecraft Story?

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MattyRasker posted this 15 July 2017

Hi everyone!

I'm going to assume that perhaps many of us have read some Lovecraft so I ask you, what's your favourite Lovecraft story?

Mine is still the first one I read, Pickmans Model. It's just the right length, a good read and it gave me the creeps. Other favourites of mine include The Whisperer in Darkness, The Lurking Fear, Dagon, and The Colour Out of Space.

Mountains of Madness was a good story but I found it quite a difficult read. And also, even though arguably he may be more well known for Call of Cthulhu, I thought it was good but not his best.

I've read most of them, but those are the ones that stand out for me. How about you?

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SlipperyJim posted this 15 July 2017

Tough just to pick one really.  I have them all on my Kindle.

I am quite partial to The Dunwich Horror but I only higlight that because it is referenced in Fallout 3 and 4.



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Vooness posted this 15 July 2017

There is definitely a spot in my dark heart for 'The Nameless City':

"That is not dead which can eternal lie,
And with strange aeons even death may die."


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CGR posted this 27 July 2017

"The Rats in the Walls" was the only one I found creepy.

I also remember liking "The Music of Erich Zann" and "The Dunwich Horror".

If you're hungry for Lovecraft, Thomas Ligotti has a very Lovecrafty feel (but also its own feel), although I much prefer Ligotti's writing style.

Jonathan Aycliffe has written some bargain-basement lovecrafty stuff that I quite liked (he's pretty variable though!).

MattyRasker posted this 28 July 2017

Yes, Rats was a good one, as was the Music of Erich Zann. Good shouts.

woah77 posted this 28 July 2017

I liked a lot of his stuff, but the Colour from Outer Space always struck me as a very interesting tale.

Dark_Ansem posted this 29 July 2017

The one about the stranger looking himself into the mirror will always be special in my heart as I read it at school.

Fighter_from_Orion posted this 20 October 2017

It's difficult to pick one over all the others... But if I have to choose, I'm particularly fond of "The Mound", "The Haunter of the Dark", and the "Music of Eirich Zann".

RobJFalcon posted this 02 December 2017

I am reading all the Lovecraft I can find lately, haven't read enough of it to have a favorite yet, but I do think that the story "Far Out There" in the Phoenix Archives is based on a combination of "The Music of Erich Zann" and "Behind the Wall of Sleep."

Nyrlanthotep posted this 02 December 2017

I like the Case of Charles Dexter Ward, Nyrlanthotep, and the Colour from Outer Space.