Difficulty and Replayability Questions

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woah77 posted this 11 July 2017

About the campaign length. Is it going to be a long one, leaving you with a complete experience like the original XCOMs or is it going to be a shorter one, targeting mostly at re-plays like the modern ones?

Replayability: Are you planning New Game Plus, when you start with squad of experienced veterans from previous playthrough? Or perhaps some kind of Hall of Fame with in-game trophy system for special achievements?

Will there be "second wave" options in the future, like what they did in FiraXcom?

What difficulty settings can we expect to see in the full game, and how big of a skill gap will be between them?

In regards to difficulty, what will be the method for increasing the difficulty between settings? For example, linearly, as enemy units have scaled health or friendly units reduced damage? Will the enemies implement different strategies or abilities at higher difficulties? Will there be certain mutations or enemy types that only make an appearance higher difficulties? Will the virus mutate and iterate faster at higher difficulties? Or something else entirely?

Any plans for multiple game modes? Ex. Story Campaign & rotating Scenario Map with leaderboard scores.

Is the game going to feature or storyline like the new XCOMs or will it be more like the first XCOMs ?

How many casualties we are expected to take per campaign? Less than 10 like Xcom? About 30-40 like old x-com? Or somewhere in between?

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Julian Gollop posted this 13 July 2017

The campaign will most likely be a long one - but we don't want it to feel too grindy. We will see when we start testing in thoroughly.

We haven't considered starting the game with experienced veterans from a previous playthrough - it might be an interesting mode, but it may also upset the idea of discovery through research.

We have not decided what the default difficulty settings will be, but there will be an element of difficulty adaptation to the player, using the mutation system.

We haven't decided on extra game modes yet - our focus is on the main campaign.

The game will be a bit more like the original XCOM in its 'open worldy' feel, but there will also be many story elements - not all of which the player can reveal in just one play through.

As for the casualty rate, I think we would be looking at something in between old and new XCOM.

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