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elloCo posted this 2 weeks ago


i couldn't find anything with the term 'debries' with the search and maybe it's spelled wrong.

My question is, what happens with the debries of the tower (in the snippet on main page) when it collapses?

Will the surrounding terrain be reshaped, is it even possible to put the single parts on piles of rubish that create new cover or destroy existing?

Imagine blowing up a tower to bury your enemies under the debries!


I couldn't see anything like this in the demovideo i watched earlier this week.


I'm so excited about this game that i pledged for the game yesterday for 50$ to get ea ; )


Have a nice day!



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UnstableVoltage posted this 2 weeks ago

The plan is for debris to remain after destruction. However, it has quite an impact on performance, as the game has to continue to render all of the debris on the ground. As a result, we weren't able to implement it within the demo, as there was no time to optimise the performance.


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Homer Morisson posted this 2 weeks ago

That is awesome news, though -- to reduce performance impact, I'm sure it'd be fine to not have a 100% physically correct amount of debris that corresponds to the mass and density of all the types of materials used in construction.

But just having some debris remain behind, hopefully influencing the surrounding landscape on impact, i.e. smash/damage cover/other objects, seriously damage characters in the "blast zone", etc pp, that'd be extremely cool!

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Borsukrates posted this 2 weeks ago

This is great news. Terrain destruction is good, but when the queen walks through the tower and the tower basically disappears, it looks fake. I hope enough debris stays that it obscures vision a bit or hampers movement.

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CaptnBlaster529 posted this 2 weeks ago

I think with the average power of most PC's today (and even 3-5-year-old PC's) we can support a more rich experience than many turn-based games today. I'm glad they will include debris retention.

I'd love to see more ambient graphics as well such as moving/swaying trees, electrical glitches at bases, perhaps even running camera's etc. and running water that adds to feel without feeling out of place with turn based (i.e. frozen)

Its been discussed before but I hope they don't entirely write off a full 3d camera control so you can pan around and have the "box" dressed up for over the shoulder views etc with depth of view.  It may not be possible at the current funding levels and certainly, I would not want effort spent there that would take away from the core gameplay. But if funding is sufficient to add resources for art and camera enhancements it would really blow away the Firaxis XCOMS and another move to inching turn-based games even closer into the triple A space.

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Arcturus78 posted this 2 weeks ago

Another's thought had while watching game-play footage - does debris dropping on you also cause damage? I had the impression that only soldiers dropping are injured...