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woah77 posted this 11 July 2017

With melee weapons will there be on option to cut off limbs off the aliens? Be it a special weapon or a skill that you earn, will we be able to do that?

What will be the benefits of having a melee weapon rather than a ranged weapon?

Aiming mechanism: The current pre-alpha prototype provides switching between visible targets (like in modern Xcom). In future versions can we expect something in Valkyria Chronicles style - free aiming and crosshair with circular area for possible bullet spread? It was well implemented and I would love to see it in final game.

Will we ever get a satellite to bomb the aliens from orbit?

How good will it feel when we run over aliens with a tank?

JG has mentioned playing Valkyria Chronicles. Are there plans for individual soldiers' perks, that depending on environment, enemy type, nearby squad members etc. would provide some buffs or debuffs?

Can we expect to see equipment (or skills) that do not use willpower, but instead consume 'invisible action points' - i.e. make the movement range smaller, but do not necessarily consume the shooting action? E.g. you use your handheld scanner, which takes 2 squares from your movement allowance, then you move, and then shoot?

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Setokaiva posted this 11 July 2017

I just want to know if we can rig corpses to explode. To booby trap against enemies who might try to resurrect them, Flood Infectious Form-style.

Anton posted this 14 July 2017

UFO: Enemy Unknown was originally meant to allow you to use ranged weapons for melee attack if in melee range, will this be possible in Phoenix Point? Will we be pistol whipping the aliens into submission?

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