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CaptnBlaster529 posted this 16 January 2018

 What type of camera is planned for this game and will you allow changing perspective (free look or locked) that allow for going from the top down view to behind the soldier etc? 

One thing I noticed in XCOM and XCOM2 is that some really nice art was displayed at times when the camera would drop down during the "action cam". However, I always wanted to see if I could adjust my view or use a "free look" to scroll around and to actually see the map from that same perspective and never could. 

The drawback to this was the inability to enjoy the artwork that was obviously there, but unavailable except during an occasional action cam sequence.

It would be nice if there were 3rd person perspective if not a fully FREE LOOK option. It would also add to the ambiance with this title having some horror elements.

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kompan posted this 17 January 2018

My thought was similar, moving the camera around the map and rotating the view 45 or 90 degrees is a standard. But it would be great if the player could switch the camera height level from the usual "10 meters above" where you can see the entire squad, into "3 meters above the ground", into the perspective of individual soldier. Then you can play the game almost like third-person-view instead of "pawns on the map" view.

But yes, free look would be awesome. Not only for the ability to seeing the graphic details but also for making sure how line of sight is calculated and predicting the results of shooting.

Or has the subject been discussed already?

UnstableVoltage posted this 17 January 2018

One thing to consider is optimisation. In most games like this, model detail levels are reduced as they're expected to be seen from a certain distance. This increases performance. The moment you allow the player to have manual control of the camera, you have to increase the level of detail and draw distances so that everything still looks great when viewed close up.

A top-down or isometric camera also limits the field of view. Once you give free control to the player, you need to add extra set dressing on the sides of the map and sky boxes so that you don't just see empty space when looking up or towards the edge of the map.


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