Are Allan and Jonas involved in ingame story writing?

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Anjovi posted this 2 weeks ago

Bravo on the 3rd volume of stories! Found them very engaging (had me all excited, before that cliff hanger in the end. Really liked that character)

Seeing that your looking to incorporate this into the pcgamer demo, is their a chance that we can expect story elements like this in game to be at the same quality level? Allen Stroud did some great writing for chaos reborn, but I believe he didn't take part in any of the actual game writing (realm stories) and I'm wondering if that might be rectified with pheonix point? 

Unlocking little mini campaigns (with just missions and story blurbs inbetween to connect them) could be cool as a bonus edition. Otherwise, I wouldn't be all that mad about seeing scenarios with these stories integrated into the campaign, if they were integrated well enough (Avoiding that railroaded feel that modern xcom story cutscenes had) 

Almost something like FTL (faster then light pc game) could be interesting, and facilitate that exploration feel that you get in games like jagged alliance (just while i'm still thinking about jagged alliance, lol) I suppose, in a way, this is sounding alot like chaos reborn's realm mode, but i think a special text event that was tailored to fit in the right context could be effective.

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UnstableVoltage posted this 2 weeks ago

Allen and Jonas are indeed writing the story for Phoenix Point. They are developing the in-game world, characters, story arc, scripting, in-game documentation - all under the direction of Julian.


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Anjovi posted this 2 weeks ago

Cheers! Thanks for the reply!