Any way to Upgrade pre- order level.

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MechaGamera posted this 25 September 2017


So I bought the Digital Download edition yesterday as it was the only Pre-Order pack I could spring for at moment. Irony being had I known off the EGX code this issue would be mute.

Anyway I was wondering if there was anyway to upgrade the Pre-order level to a higher one at any point in the near future. I would be interested in the Extra edition and maybe even the Luxury Digital edition if my free cash stretches that far should an upgrade option be available.

Thanks in advance.

UnstableVoltage posted this 25 September 2017

At the moment, no, there isn't any way to upgrade. But this is mostly because we're using a new store which we haven't completely finished setting up yet. We very much hope in the future that being able to upgrade to a different package will be a simple process. Just bear with us while we work through some technical issues and finish setting up the store.


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