Hi there.

Since Phoenix Point uses the Unity engine I would like to ask about the telemetry that this engine could use.

Looking at this list https://www.gog.com/mix/games_w_potentially_telemetry I noticed that while some games allow the telemetry to be turned off, there is a significant number of games that have it active by default and don't allow the user to disable it.

I've been reading the documentation available at Unity to better understand what kind of data is sent, and I can see why this kind of data is useful for developers.

But as a consumer I would like to ask if Phoenix Point is going to allow to disable this option, in case telemetry is in the game (for what I read in the documentation I think it has to be put in the game, I could misinterpreted this).

Since the game is in an early stage of development I think is a good time to ask this.

Just to be clear, I don't like when this kind of thing is forced. I have telemetry active for some software (like Firefox, but this one allow to select the data you want to share or disable it completely) but when is active by default and there is no way to turn it off I think is not right.

So, long story short:
Is Phoenix Point going to use Unity's telemetry or any kind of telemetry?
And if that's the case, Is going to have the option to turn it off?

I left here the links to the Unity documentation that I found that is relevant to this in case anyone want to check it:


I suppose that there is more but I didn't have enough time to read everything.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: I also added the Unity Privacy Policy it contains additional information about data that is collected when a game made with Unity is played.