A variety of (horror) mission types

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SpiteAndMalice posted this 03 November 2017

One thing that I'd like to see Phoenix Point do well is to introduce and interesting variety of mission types that help to promote the horror feel running through the game as a whole.

Rather than just having a series of missions where your forces are on one side of the map and the alien threat is on the other, it'd be nice to see:

Ambush missions where for the early parts, the player experiences little or no opposition, before the enemy suddenly descends upon you. You could have creatures dropping through ceilings, and smashing down walls, mist rising from the floor, creatures hiding behind cover in blind spots, or silently stalking the player as he moves across the map.

How about a group of quick moving pack hunters that will stay at long range and try to draw your troops out of position so that they can descend on the weakest amongst the group?

Pursuit missions where an overwhelming force of creatures chases the player across the map.

Escape missions, where the player becomes trapped and must get out of their environment before a set time limit. Think burning building, flooded basement, or red mist coming on the winds.

A story based sub plot, which lets face it has no place in horror.

Except it raises the stakes, especially if there's then an abduction which leads to the need for a rescue.

I'd like to see some close environments, rather than everything being set out in the open it'd be good explore some abandoned houses, or have to sneak through ventilation systems, search for an objective down a half submerged mine.

It'd be nice to see the horror elements attacking the player too with your own troops being susceptable to mutation, both during missions and at home base. And imagine if one of the bosses which you have to face is one that comes to you, literally smashing down the phoenix point walls.

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Tomastiler posted this 04 November 2017

Just heard Chaos Reborn,never play it. Is it worth playing? Thrill game is my favorite,have good recommend?

kompan posted this 04 November 2017

Various mission types would be great. It can be bait and ambush, rescue and extraction from unknown territory, repelling the waves of mutants to buy time for evacuation, even infiltration with silenced weapons to not alarm the enemies. 

However the mission character should be communicated on the briefing, or hinted in some ways in order to prepare the squad optimal for this specific mission. I imagine it could state "No signs of enemies which is very unusual for this region" or "Numerous contacts that will be drawn close by the sound of gunfire". Then the player can focus on heavy firepower or high mobility stealth team.

SpiteAndMalice posted this 06 November 2017

I do agree that there should be some kind of mission briefing that allows the player to prepare.

But I also think that it should be possible for that mission briefing to be wrong.

If your intelligence guys can make some mistakes there will always be an underlying tension that things can then also go wrong during a mission.

That map with no enemy present... It could be that the enemy is there but concealed. Or it could be something in the environment itself that affects what you can and can't do mid mission.

"Look, we can't have any firing in there. I, uh... I want you to collect magazines from everybody."

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Spolokh posted this 06 November 2017

It would be nice to have an option to pay some resource for intelligence on a mission to find out enemies types and mission landscape, and even to enhance starting position 

kompan posted this 4 weeks ago

An interesting thing happened while I was playing Long War (this XCOM mod, among many other changes, increases number of soldiers per mission to 8 instead of 6, and adds new landing zones on each map, which improves replayability).

At the start of a new mission the selected squad was placed inside the landing zone as usual - except the one soldier that has been spawned on the other side of the map. My reaction was "dafuq?!" as it has never occured before.

I guess the glitch was related to the new landing zone being too close to the map edge and resulted in teleporting this one character far away. It was annoying at first, then I found it a very refreshing experience - in order to rescue the stranded soldier the squad had to move around the middle area and avoid enemy contacts until the meeting. Demanding but quite different from the standard moving all soldiers together as a group. So it was a good bug after all

Perhaps such events can be integrated into the gameplay (as a feature, not a bug) - like if the soldiers would be parachuting on the battlefield, one or two could be separated from the rest due to the strong wind and land elsewhere - which would make sense from the narrative point of view.

raziel_malakai1981 posted this 3 weeks ago

anyone up for a station zebra  mission in Antartica? Permafrost, killer virus and unstable terrain/glaciers. What else can you possibly need more ? oh i know...a derelict nuclear sub !

Or how about interrupting a human sacrifice/assimilation by the aliens as was described in one of the stories ?

Why not be able to actually witness similar situations as those described in the stories?

That huge pre-human civilization city that was described in the stories? Then realizing that the ruins are not empty ?





Dark_Ansem posted this 2 weeks ago

I suppose that some of the stories would be too intensive to produce in terms of resources. Even if they do sound amazing.

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