A limited pool of characters?

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SpiteAndMalice posted this 03 November 2017

Just some food for thought, but how about if at the start of the game the number of characters available to the player was limited rather than unlimited. Something in the vein of Jagged Allience or Silent Storm. Doing this would make each character more valuable, and less disposable, meaning that there would be more tension involved in keeping them alive, and whenever one of those characters did die, there would be more impact. Players would get 'favourite' within that pool which they would become attached to (In Laser Squad I was always gutted if Private Anderson died). You could have a set pool at the start of the game which can still be added to via story elements, as opposed to unlimited reinforcements. You could allow the player to create and name some or all of that pool at the start of the game. You could even have a larger global pool within the game as a whole (are backers able to name characters, I forget) and then draw that limited playthrough from the overall global pool. The pool size could also be a difficulty factor, i.e. On easy you have a pool of 30 characters, on normal you have 25 and so on...

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spark disiple posted this 28 November 2017

Uhh no. A pool of 25 when you can have up to 16 on mission? Also the point of a Xcomlike game is so your guys will die a lot.

SpiteAndMalice posted this 29 November 2017

The numbers are just by way of an example. As you state, it depends on the total number of soldiers required for any given mission, and also elements such as AI difficulty, and overall game length.

Has it been stated that PP is following in the path of Xcom? Personally, I was hoping that it would go its own way.

  • This week I have been mostly playing Chaos Reborn.