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RafaelBraga posted this 3 weeks ago


i am looking foward for this game, but didnt have much REAL information about some Turn Based elements.

You veterans could answer 2 quick questions that is vital to my evaluation of this game as a potential future pick?

1 - There will be any "scamper" element like in the remade X-Com or this will be a true turn based strategic game?

2 - There will be melee elements available to the player?

Sorry if this was disclosed, but i am learning about the game and there is a torrent of information and is very hard to find some specifics sometimes, so i decided to ask people who are following this game for some time now

Thanks for any answer

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UnstableVoltage posted this 3 weeks ago


1. The enemies don't scamper when discovered. We don't use any kind of pod system. Enemies will be active on the map and actively moving around doing stuff. If they detect you, they will attempt to engage.

2. Yes, there will be many melee elements.

I'd suggest watching a video I made from our pre-alpha show demo (it's very early in development, so there's a lot missing, and nothing is final), but I think it may answer a lot of your questions.


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RafaelBraga posted this 3 weeks ago

I very much appreciate your kindness and politeness on your response. Will preorder in the next days

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